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With so many new AI tools on the market, choosing the right ones for your needs can take some time. Having a range of options to choose from is a positive, but knowing whether you have made the right choice can be difficult. Cohesive is one of the new providers of generative AI tools on the market, and one that you should seriously consider to meet all of your content needs. Offering multiple features to help you create content of different types for both personal and business purposes, the powerful tools make it possible to create, edit and publish your content seamlessly.


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This review will take a close look at Cohesive, the features that it offers, and the top use cases. Let’s explore what Cohesive brings to the table and whether it’s a good match for your AI needs.

What Is Cohesive?

Cohesive is a content editor powered by AI that delivers multiple features designed to make it easier to create and refine content. As a tool that offers features created for both individuals and businesses, it’s targeted toward everyone from marketers and bloggers to copywriters and social media influencers. Using Cohesive, users can improve their productivity and create optimized content for any purpose. The editor includes a range of templates to choose from, as well as content inspiration to help people get started. Cohesive has also recently introduced an AI Voices feature, which transforms scripts into audio.

Functionality from Cohesive

Cohesive has a range of key functions to make the process of creating, refining, and publishing content a breeze.

The range of features offered by Cohesive include:

  • Templates – more than 200 templates make it easy to get started with different content types with just one click
  • Content ideas – AI-generated ideas are offered in the editor, inspiring content creators as they write
  • Editing and refining – seamless editing and refining with AI-powered suggestions and guidelines help users to create content that meets their goals
  • Collaboration tools – teams can collaborate on their content in real-time
  • Visual suggestions – suggestions and guidelines for visuals give users the power to create complete content for any purpose

Let’s take a look at some of the major features and how well they meet the needs of content creators of all types.

A Range of Templates

Getting started can be the hardest part when creating new content, but templates make it simple to get started. Cohesive has more than 200 templates to help users create many different materials. Some of the options include templates for different types of social media posts, support documents, sales content, marketing content from landing pages to ad copy, legal content, training materials, and much more.

The writing assistant can generate full blog posts, rephrase existing content, or generate stories. The unique “Write Like Me” feature also allows users to ask the editor to write in their own style, while they can also benefit from simple grammar correction to improve the quality of their content. The templates can also be used for content planning, with options such as content calendars and blog outlines available. The extensive range of templates means there is something for everyone, no matter their industry, role, or goals.

Cohesive Editor

The editor itself has a lot of features to offer, creating a seamless editing experience. The intuitive editor is designed to make it easy to edit images, text, and language translations to get the best results. Users can effortlessly improve on or expand their text while writing, summarize or rephrase their content, or search for synonyms to enhance their writing, all without leaving the editor. They can quickly add text, an image, or a link summary, or embed other media. Making content visually appealing is quick and simple too.

With a few straightforward instructions, users can generate the content they’re looking for. Cohesive aims to cut down on the time required to develop the perfect prompts for AI tools.

Tools for Collaborating

Communicating and collaborating with others is possible within the Cohesive editor. Real-time collaboration means that you can work on content as a team, whether you are a marketing team, an HR department, or social media influencers working on a campaign together. Being able to communicate within the editor saves time by cutting out third-party apps. There’s no need to keep going back and forth between the editor and emails, Slack, or other tools.

AI Voices

Cohesive has also introduced the AI Voices feature, which can take your scripts and turn them into the spoken word. With more than 10 voices to choose from, you can quickly generate audio content that works for your brand and meets your goals. These human-like voices can be adapted to the style and language that you want them to have. Create AI voice content in minutes with just a few instructions to tell the tool what you’re looking for. Several templates are available to help you get started, including YouTube video scripts, TikTok ads, and sales pitch scripts. To use AI Voices, just generate your text, convert it to speech, and choose from a number of voices before downloading.

Community Support and Engagement

It’s always useful to have some support from a community of users, as well as developers. Cohesive offers a couple of ways to get involved with the community, including a Discord server, a blog, and social media profiles. You can also get quick support from their online chat if you need someone to answer your questions. These are handy features that allow you to get more from using Cohesive.

Cohesive Pricing

How AI tools are priced is always important when considering which ones are right for your needs. Cohesive has three pricing tiers, so anyone can get started with using their tools, no matter what their budget or requirements are.

The Basic plan is free, with no end date to the complimentary features. The other two plans are fairly priced too, at $15 and $30 per month for each user (billed yearly).

Here’s a quick look at what you get with each pricing plan:

Basic – Free foreverCreator – $15 per month ($25 billed monthly)Agency – $30 per month ($45 billed monthly)
Unlimited wordsMore than 200 templates15 Template Runs20 AI images1 minute of AI Voice Generation1 integrationUnlimited wordsMore than 200 templates150 Template Runs100 images10+ AI voices90 minutes of voice generation5 integrationsReal-time collaborationUnlimited PDF and audio downloads without watermarksUnlimited wordsMore than 200 templates300 Template Runs200 images10+ AI voices240 minutes of voice generation30 integrationsReal-time collaborationUnlimited PDF and audio downloads without watermarks24/7 priority support

As well as saving money by purchasing a plan with yearly billing, you can also save with a Cohesive AI promo code. There are regular limited-time offers to help you save money on your subscription too.

A free account gives you plenty to get started with and is a great choice for casual users who are looking for some occasional help with their content generation and refinement. It’s a good way to try out the tools on offer before deciding whether to purchase one of the other plans too. However, anyone planning to be more of a heavy user should consider the Creator plan and businesses should definitely go for the Agency plan to ensure they can get the most from the tool.

Ease of Use and User-Friendly Design

When it comes to user-friendliness, Cohesive is easy to get started with. Exploring the range of features on offer is a breeze, and there’s no need to have any prior experience with using generative AI tools before. The interface is straightforward and it’s simple to pick up how to use the various features. Helpful hints and suggestions give guidance for how to improve the content you’re creating, and the collaboration tools mean you can work as a team on the same content.

The templates make it really easy to get started if you have a particular type of content in mind. There are so many to choose from that it can take a while to search through them, but the specific options mean that when you find the template you want, you can have the basis of your finished content quickly. You need to sign up if you want to start using the templates and editor, but the free plan means you can try out the main features without having to pay anything.

The design of the platform means that navigating it isn’t challenging at all. Whether you’re familiar with a wide range of tech and AI tools or you’re a beginner, you should be able to grasp how it all functions in no time. You can get started with the features on offer right away, without a steep learning curve.

Quality of Content

Of course, if you want to generate content that you can use, you want it to be good. If it doesn’t sound natural or isn’t what you’re looking for, it could just be a waste of time and money. Fortunately, Cohesive delivers quality content from even simple prompts. Like all Generative AI tools, it works best from your input when you give it clear instructions. However, you don’t need to develop long and specific prompts to get it to produce what you’re looking for.

Cohesive is also an editor and not just a content generator, so you can tweak your content as much as you want. Cohesive can just be an editing assistant that makes suggestions and helps you to perfect your content or you can rely on it to produce the majority of your content for you. The AI-generated content ideas also give you inspiration so you can continue to write in your own words but with a little assistance from Cohesive. The content generated sounds like it’s written by a person, and the AI voice tool is also great for creating voice content that has a natural sound to it. You can get the most from Cohesive when you combine the content generation with all of the features that help you to refine and perfect your content.

Key Use Cases

Cohesive is a flexible tool that can be used in many different ways. Whether you are an individual or an agency, you can make use of the functionality the Cohesive offers. There are many industries and sectors that can benefit from using Cohesive as a tool to generate and edit content of different types.

Marketing is obviously a key use for Cohesive, as it is with other generative AI tools. There are plenty of templates available that are useful for digital marketers and could also be used for more traditional marketing needs too. Cohesive can be used to create blog posts, PPC ads, social media posts, and more. It can help to create SEO content, with templates for meta titles and descriptions and other useful formats. Marketing teams can work together and with other stakeholders and decision-makers to create content that attracts, engages, and converts.

Sales professionals are sure to find Cohesive useful too. Some of the templates available that are designed for sales activities include templates for cold emails, email subject lines, product demo scripts, and much more. Creating email copy that’s focused on conversion becomes a lot more simple with Cohesive’s templates and the editor’s suggestions on how to optimize your content. Sales professionals can even streamline their sales process using the Cohesive editor.

Cohesive is also an excellent choice for producing support pages and documents, as well as providing fast customer support. Responding to reviews is a lot easier when you can start with a template designed for that exact purpose. Writing FAQs or support documents can be completed much faster, and technical information can be conveyed in ways that customers or users will understand. Legal content such as terms and conditions or privacy policies can also be optimized and written accurately, with templates available to get you started.

Cohesive is suitable for people who want a tool for their own personal use too. People can use it for all kinds of personal writing, from emails and letters to cover letters, love poems, and even invites. From creative endeavors to more formal content, Cohesive can assist with anything that individuals might want to write.

Cohesive Ai Use Case Example

We decided to throw the following blog post request at Cohesive: “Write a blog post on The current availability of legal online casino websites and apps in the United States”. Gambling content and information is a dime a dozen on the internet, so we figured it was a solid test category. It’s not like we asked for NSFW Ai generator reviews….at least not this time.

We only asked for a 1500-word blog post, but Cohesive provided over 2200 words. Here is a breakdown of the topics covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Legality of Online Casinos in the United States
  3. Benefits of Legal Online Casinos
  4. Popular Legal Online Casino Websites and Apps
  5. Future Outlook of Legal Online Casinos
  6. Conclusion

Overall, the content covered was accurate, but a bit topline. Information was lacking on specific timelines and legislative details, especially when it came to the future outlook of legal online casinos in the USA. We asked for an “education” tone in the writing, but it felt a bit too positive or sales-person-like.

Pros and Cons of Cohesive AI

Here are some of the top pros and cons you can expect from Cohesive and its range of features.


  • Easy to use, even for beginners or people who aren’t familiar with AI tools
  • A huge range of templates to choose from that fit many requirements and suit people with different needs
  • Human-sounding content that can be generated in different styles, including in the user’s own writing style
  • Real-time collaboration makes working together as a team easy and saves time by eliminating the need to use other communication tools while working
  • The option to turn text into voice content means creating voiceovers and other audio can be down instantly
  • Visual suggestions and guidelines allow users to perfect their content in different ways
  • Content ideas provide inspiration for people who are stuck on what they should write
  • Generating content is simple, with no need for complicated prompts to get what you’re looking for


  • AI-generated content sometimes requires some small tweaks and rewriting, as with most AI tools, but making changes is simple
  • Although many templates are available, they can’t cover all situations, so it can still be necessary to customize
  • Users might need to seek out other tools for more complicated visuals for their content
  • Free accounts are limited, and paid subscription is required to access features such as real-time collaboration
  • As one of the newer generative AI tools, Cohesive is still developing so might not have some of the features of more established tools

Is Cohesive AI Worth It?

If you’re looking for the best AI tools for content generation and optimization, it’s definitely worth trying Cohesive. It might be a newer tool, but it already has an impressive range of functionality and some fantastic options for those who want to take control of their content creation. Whether you are an individual looking for help with personal or work materials, or you’re looking for something to help your agency create better content, you can benefit from the features offered by Cohesive. The large selection of templates gives you the ability to quickly get started with any type of content, and you can customize it to your heart’s desire with the flexible editor.

Cohesive gives the user control over their content, while making AI-powered suggestions that will help them to refine their content for any purpose. It provides users with the tools that they need to combine their own human creativity with all of the ways AI can make their content even better. The editor makes creating and refining content seamless by offering a range of features that can all be employed within one interface. It’s free to try out the key features on offer, so trying it out costs nothing.

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