HeyGen Ai Review

HeyGen AI Review: text to Video Generation Leader

Welcome to our in-depth HeyGen AI review, where we delve into the multitude of features offered by the AI video generator tool. The marketing communication claims that with HeyGen at your fingertips, you have the power to effortlessly craft visually stunning videos that showcase human avatars, all without requiring any technical expertise or prior editing experience. 

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We’ve put the Ai capacities of HeyGen to the test to find out if they can truly revolutionize the world of video creation and enable you to transform text into captivating visual narratives through its Ai text-to-video function. We’ve tested the cutting-edge feature, allowing users to input text and witness it being brought to life as a video through the AI engine driving HeyGen. So, if you are wondering about AI marketing tools that let you effortlessly generate videos without spending hours grappling with editing tools, this review is for you. 

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But HeyGen doesn’t stop at mere video generation. The comprehensive platform boasts advanced AI video editing tools, designed to trim, enhance, and embellish videos for professional results. Paired with its standout features, avatars, it becomes clear why HeyGen is a popular solution among professionals and influencers. 

But does the tool truly deliver what it promises? Can it ensure that your videos will exude excellence and have the power to captivate and engage? We’ve explored HeyGen to provide you with an accurate review, encompassing user opinions and an unbiased final verdict. So, continue reading to uncover a wealth of information and discover if HeyGen can transform your video creation. 

What is HeyGen AI?

HeyGen is an innovative cloud-based platform that has emerged as a leading solution for crafting professional videos using an Ai text-to-video function. 

HeyGen was formerly known as Movio and initially gained prominence as a reliable tool for generation spokesperson videos. Since its beta release in July 2022. HeyGen has gone through over 32 version updates and the introduction of more than 100 new features. 

The continuous development and expansion of the Ai video generator have resulted in a vast range of features, including Talking Photos, Face Swap, Ai Outfit, and Custom Avatars, adding to the platform’s versatility and ensuring that all aspects of online video creation can be met. 

As of April 2023, Movio formerly rebranded itself as Heygen. The transformation also introduced integration with the latest advancement in Ai technology, GPT4. Additionally, HeyGen now also offers the ability to create videos directly from an Amazon URL.

How is HeyGen Different From Traditional Video Production?

Video production projects require professional equipment and actors. On the other hand, HeyGen has over 100 Ai avatars and an Ai text-to-video feature that can replace actors, cameras, and microphones. 

An important aspect of video production is the editing part, which requires special tools and skills. The Ai video editing function in HeyGen allows users to add their chosen media without any former experience or skills. 

Typically, video localization involves translation and an amendment to the video, whether to produce a new video with a local spokesperson or to include subtitles. HeyGen brings over 300 different voices in 40+ languages, allowing for realistic, multilingual lip-syncing videos for localization purposes. 

Lastly, the cost factor is also a considerable difference, with HeyGen starting from $24/month compared to the full expense of video production services. 

Getting started With HeyGen AI

HeyGen is a cloud-based platform, that enables users to create their first video with a minimum setup: An Internet connection and a web browser. 

HeyGen Key Features

HeyGen software comes with 300+ pre-made customizable templates and various features to help you produce your first video in a matter of minutes. There is also a free credit for 1-min long video that allows you to test some of the most popular features: 

  • 40+ languages & 300+ voices
  • 120+ human avatars
  • 1080p video download
  • Multi-scene videos
  • Royalty-free music, graphics, and other media assets
  • Auto-captions and translations
  • Talking photo: Upload a photo, enter the text, and watch it talk
  • Face Swap: Swap your face onto one of the Ai avatars
  • Custom Avatars: Become a talking avatar for your videos
  • Generative Outfit so you can style your avatar as you wish
  • Chat GPT4 integration
  • Proprietary API
  • Voiceover uploads: Allows you to record your own voice for a custom avatar
  • PPT conversions to video, including voiceover and many languages
  • Full branding kit
  • Commercial copyright rights for monetizing and commercial purposes
  • Full Ai video editing
  • 1 click URL to video for Amazon

What are Use Cases for HeyGen AI?

The many features provide endless possibilities for use cases. 

Typically, HeyGen features among the preferred Ai marketing tools for:

  • Marketing — Enabling you to generate professional-looking videos for your services and products. 
  • Social Media — Allowing you to build an engaging presence with exciting video content for your social media channels. 
  • Training — Bringing professional training to the next level with compelling instruction videos for customer and team training. 
  • Education — Introducing learners to lively content by translating existing learning materials into video format through the Ai text to video feature
  • News — Allowing you to share breaking news in almost real-time with a realistic and appealing video that even includes a broadcaster avatar. 

Some of the most frequent cases used for Ai-powered videos on the HeyGen platform include:

  • Business uses
    • Social media videos
    • Video presentations
    • Learning and courses videos
    • Product presentations and demos
    • Tutorial videos
    • Training videos
    • How-to guide
    • Onboarding videos
    • Marketing videos
    • Youtube videos
    • Breaking news or PR videos
  • Individual uses
    • Social media videos
    • Video presentations for personal platforms
    • Youtube videos

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Using the HeyGen Ai Video Generator

Creating a video with HeyGen is depicted as a simple process that can be expedited in a few minutes. 

The steps are quick and simple, and designed to be intuitive for new users. 

  1. Users have a choice of 3 methods to start using the Ai video generator:
    1. Providing a video URL
    2. Creating an avatar
    3. Selecting a template
  1. When selecting a template, the list of 100+ available templates is divided by categories, including the use cases, and the template orientation (vertical or horizontal). Things to know:
    1. Each template includes an avatar, but users can change it. 
    2. Each template defines the avatar position, which can be customized too. This includes circle view, left, center, close-up, half-body, etc. 
    3. A preview is available for all templates. 
  1. The avatar library can be accessed after choosing the template, or directly if the user selects the creation of an avatar in the first step. 
  2. The user can use the text box to input their script. Alternatively, they can also upload an audio recording. 
  1. If using a text input, users can choose their preferred accent and voice. The language is automatically recognized. The voiceover can also be further amended through the Ai video editing tools, focusing on speech speed, pause, and overall pitch. 
  1. Finally, the video can be enhanced with additional visual or audio elements, including brand logo, music, or icons. 

Exploring AI Video Generation Options

HeyGen features an Ai video generator tool that lets users explore and produce videos for different purposes. 

Explainer and How-To Video Generation

How-to videos are a popular tool for online businesses, allowing you to engage and convert your audience. 

Users can find dedicated explainer video templates in the HeyGen library, which provides a simple starting point for your video projects.

Once you’ve selected the template, you can focus on the customizable elements, including:

  • The choice of one Ai avatars
  • Your script, which can be repurposed via the Ai text to video and text-to-speech features
  • Additional branded and visual elements

Marketing Video Generation

Promotional marketing videos are a favorite strategy to showcase either your products or your services. As videos have a high engagement rate, they are one of the most effective marketing tools. HeyGen enables businesses to explore high-performant Ai marketing tools and produce appealing content in a short time. 

The process is the same across all use cases, including the choice of a template or an avatar, then an Ai avatar that will come to live with your script.

It is worth noting that all videos produced feature text-to-video functions, audio uploads, or voiceover generation in a choice of languages, high-quality downloadable end result, and easy sharing options for team collaboration. The Ai video editing functions allow for precise and unique video creation so it can convey the brand’s message effectively. 

Personalized Sales Video Generation

Personalization is the secret of lead generation in any sales team. But creating personalized video content is typically time-demanding. 

Using some of HeyGen’s functions, such as FaceSwap (don’t get any crazy ideas, this is not NSFW Ai) and voiceover upload, sales teams can produce individual videos that are fully customized to every single lead and client.

Alternatively, this use case also lets brands create generic, high-level sales videos that can get the conversation started with potential leads. 

Training & Onboarding Video Generation

Videos have demonstrated their success in bringing people up to speed with new tools, processes, or products. From educational training to corporate onboarding, HeyGen promises a simple creative process, guaranteeing Ai text to video delivery in a matter of minutes. 

 Here again, the video creation remains the same as for the previous use cases, starting from a pre-made template and exploring the possibilities of Ai avatars and lip-sync voiceovers in multiple languages. 

Breaking News Video Generation

Last but not least, HeyGen also showcases its performance at generating headline news videos, using pre-existing news templates. 

Using FaceSwap, users can turn them into a professional news broadcaster and add their faces onto one of the Ai avatars. Users can upload their own voiceover. Alternatively, the Ai voice-to-speech function can create a voiceover that will be matched to a human-looking avatar. 

This use case can also be part of a launch marketing strategy to expand a brand’s reach.

The Power of AI Text To Video & Speech Creation

HeyGen Ai Text to Video Function – What to Expect

Users can easily start creating a video without any video material available with this function. The Ai text-to-video feature lets you begin the video generation process by inputting text only. It’s important to note that the quality of your written input will affect the outcome of the video. 

The integration with Chat-GPT allows users to touch up their scripts effectively. 

Using GPT4 integration, users can benefit from advanced writing features, including amending and editing their script to achieve the desired tone of voice. 

Additionally, further elements can be added to the video in order to create the outcome you expect. You can choose visuals from a large library of files, ranging from images to shapes and video clips. Alternatively, you can also upload unique files to customize the video further. These elements can include images and other media materials that you wish to add, such as your brand’s logo, or even specific icons. 

Finally, the Ai text-to-video function also allows users to select their preferred audio. You can consider the use of music, as HeyGen includes a vast library of royalty-free music to choose from. But there is more to the audio than meets the eye. The Ai video generator platform has a breadth of options to choose from, including audio background, but also a voiceover element. 

Voiceover features are varied. Users can decide to record and upload their own voiceover. But HeyGen also provides an Ai text-to-speech function that can deliver avatar-spoken speeches, either as a visual avatar or as a voiceover. 

HeyGen Ai Text to Speech – How it Works

Heygen lets users generate custom voiceovers to complement or highlight their videos via an Ai text-to-speech feature. The feature enables users to select precisely the qualities they want for their voiceover, including the gender of the speaker, the chosen dialect, and even the pitch and speed at which they want the text to be delivered. 

The result is a natural-sounded speech, which is ideal for a variety of video purposes. 

Additionally, an important aspect of the text-to-speech feature is the possibility to select multi-language voiceovers in over 40 languages, including each a range of natural accents. Bear in mind that Heygen doesn’t provide any translation service, which means that the text users’ input needs to already be in their chosen language. 

HeyGen Ai Avatars

HeyGen provides two approaches to using Ai avatars in your videos:

  • They can be selected from a library of over 100 real human avatars that provide a vast range of ages, poses, and ethnicities. 
  • They can also be customized to fit users’ specific needs

Using Talking Ai Avatars

This platform relies on advanced Ai technology to create a talking avatar, once the user makes a selection from the available library. 

Avatars are based on real video footage with human actors, which is why they look and move naturally. 

As part of the selection process, HeyGen also shows a preview of the gestures and expressions of the avatar. This enables users to make a more informed decision, choosing the avatar that will best represent their brand or message. 

A selection of authentic human voices can be added to the avatar selection, as well as a language. The avatar will lip-sync if used as a spokesperson in the video. 

Custom Ai Avatars

HeyGen provides different methods that enable users to further customize the look and sound of their avatars. 

FaceSwap & Ai Avatars

Users can use this feature to replace the avatar face with their own. They can also choose to upload a recording of their own voice as part of the Ai video editing process. 

Custom Voice & Ai Avatars

Avatar can lip-sync the script you input. HeyGen has a choice of over 300+ voices across 40+ languages. 

Alternatively, users can record the script spoken in their own voice and upload it for the avatar to lip-sync the recording. 

Finally, HeyGen can use a recording of the user’s voice to proceed to voice cloning. This will clone the user’s voice in order to turn any text into speech in the cloned voice. The voice cloning service also comes at a fee. 

Customizable Clothing AI Avatars

Once an Ai avatar is selected, users can elevate the appearance of their avatar by selecting a Generative Outfit. 

The Ai outfit feature is a paid add-on service that is accessible through the Custom Avatar Pro. Users can use an Ai text input function to design their avatar’s clothing style. Alternatively, the Ai tool can generate an outfit based on the video needs and scenarios. 

Custom Lite & Pro AI Avatars

HeyGen enables users to customize their own avatar, inspired by their own talking footage. Both services come at a fee, ranging from $199/year to $1000/year, depending on whether you choose the Lite or Pro version. 

The Lite version doesn’t use generative outfit. It can use one of the voices available as part of the Ai tool, or, alternatively, HeyGen can provide voice cloning at a cost. 

The Pro version requires green-screen footage for enhanced editing, enabling a custom outfit for a fee. In this version, users can also upload their own voice recording or use voice cloning. 

HeyGen AI Pricing

HeyGen does provide a free credit for the creation of a minute-long video. This free version acts as a trial, and allows users to experiment with:

  • Ai avatars and Ai avatar voices
  • Talking Photo
  • Generative Ai Outfit
  • Avatar FaceSwap
  • Video templates
  • Video Share
  • Etc. 

Pricing plans are available, featuring monthly or yearly payments for Creator, Business, and Enterprise. 

  • Creator — This plan starts from $24/month with 15 credits a month and allows up to 120 credits a month for $192/mo. Videos can be as long as 5 minutes. A credit accounts for 1 min video and is reset every month. The Creator plan includes all the features from the free plan, as well as auto caption and no watermark. 
  • Business — This plan ranges from $72/month for 30 credits up to $720/month for 300 credits. Videos can be up to 20 minutes long. On top of all features included in the free and Creator plans Business also includes 4K resolution, priority video processing, branding Kit, and API access. 
  • Enterprise — This last plan is available upon request and included all business benefits and illimited videos. Users also receive dedicated 24/7 support and customized solutions. 

HeyGen Customer Reviews

David D.  (Senior Ux Designer)

“I made an Avatar Lite with Movio.la, and I love that I can now make a video without being in front of the camera! It’s not perfect, but as a husband and dad with two jobs, no office or recording studio, and five kids, it’s an absolute game changer for creating videos and being able to feed the YouTube algorithm.” Full Review

Brian M. (CEO)

“I love the feature where you can create a full video with just a photo. It’s amazing how realistic I look speaking in front of the screen. It truly looks as if I’m saying it.” Full Review

Lokeshkumar D.  (Founder)

“I’m impressed by Movio’s AI avatars function. Over 100 avatars in various nationalities, styles, and accents allow me to effortlessly make a lip-syncing spokesperson video. Movio is also simple to use. I just type the script, and the platform does the rest. In minutes, I can make a smooth, professional video.” Full Review

Limitations of HeyGen vs. Competitors?

Overall the Ai video generator has received a lot of praise and made a name for itself among other Ai marketing tools. 

Some early users have complained about the lack of tutorials on how to make the most of HeyGen. The company has shown its dedication to continuous development, gradually introducing tutorial videos through its YouTube channel.

Pricing is a problem for small businesses, individual users, and non-profit organizations. 

Additionally, some users would like to see more gestures and hand movements among the avatars, and even the custom avatars. There is no possibility to decide on the avatar’s emotions. Some competitors have shown exciting features, in comparison, to control gestures and even avatars’ emotions and expressions. 

Integrations are currently limited, and while HeyGen provides a proprietary API, the options are still limited. 

Our Final Thoughts On HeyGen

In conclusion, HeyGen holds a place among the leading Ai video generator tools through its complete suite of services, including realistic human Ai avatars, Ai text-to-video features, and even intuitive and customizable Ai video editing. It is obvious that HeyGen can assist small businesses struggling with video production costs. 

However, some limitations are still apparent. The platform has been showing signs of regular improvements, so users can hope to see some of their complaints handled in future updates. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your marketing strategy or to stand out in social media, HeyGen is worth a try. 

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