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Pictory AI Review and Coupon Code

If you are looking for an AI video generator tool that can take the hassle of complex and expensive video production services, you may have come across Pictory Ai. Pictory claims to be a fully self-contained video marketing toolkit, helping you create the content you need. With a ton of features, including Ai text to video and the ability to use the Ai blog post-to-video tool, it is fair to say that Pictory Ai paints a very appealing picture for small businesses and solo creators. 

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How does Pictory AI perform with real tasks and what is the extent of its capacities?

We’ve put Pictory Ai to the test in this review to help you choose the right video generator. We’ve tested advanced functions such as the Ai video avatars option that enables small businesses to create professional-looking videos for a fraction of the cost of hiring an actor and a video crew. Potentially, you could create videos that can compete against corporate content and appeal to your target audience in a matter of minutes. 

So, does Pictory succeed in meeting its promises?

Can it help you bring your business or social media presence to the next level?

We explore for you the key features, case uses, and pros and cons of Pictory AI. Read on to find out more about how Pictory streamlines and simplifies video creation for all users, and why it may be the right tool for you.

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory is an AI video generator cloud-based software solution that claims to make video creation easy. The tool uses artificial intelligence (Ai) technology combined with a vast library of over 3 million stock videos to deliver easy-to-use and affordable video generation for beginners. 

Pictory was first launched in July 2020. Over the years, the Ai video generator has experienced many updates to constantly improve quality and provide new and extended features to its users. 

Originally, Pictory was born from the observation that businesses have many underperforming long-form written content in a world where videos are the preferred medium. As such, the founders focused on designing a tool that can convert long-form content into multiple engaging short multimedia pieces. It is definitely something you want to keep in mind when using the tool. Pictory works best with pre-existing written content. There are other AI video generator tools that may be better suited to businesses that do not already have extensive digital assets (which we cover in other reviews). 

How is The Pictory Video Generator Different? 

Professional video production is both time-demanding and high costs. On the other hand, Pictory brings an intuitive, simple, and practical way of creating videos. The platform has been specifically designed with business needs in mind, specifically for content creators. Ranging from bloggers, to YouTubers, and marketing agency owners, this smart Ai video generator was designed with a knowledge of industry needs and challenges. 

Additionally, Pictory targets content creators who already have long-form content they want to leverage and maximize. What is long-form content? Think of it as long blog posts, sales emails, or even existing videos whose length affects performance. The purpose is that you can use your existing content to create an Ai social video that is short and easy to consume, for example. This is a big difference with other AI video generators that are prompt-oriented.

Pictory has the ability to use your content as a prompt and analyze it to create a suitable, branded video that matches the tone of voice of the original content. 

Like with all Ai video generators, Pictory does not require video editing knowledge or even recording equipment. The software as a service tool relies on an extensive library of video media and Ai video avatars to produce a new, high-quality and fully branded video that can be uploaded on your website or on YouTube. 

Getting Started with Pictory Ai

Pictory Ai delivers on its promise: Video Creation Made EASY. Users can start engaging with the platform via a free account without needing to enter credit card details. The free trial allows you to start exploring the potential of the tool at no cost. The trial period allows you to create only 3 video projects no longer than 10 minutes each, but it is plenty enough to enjoy the many features available. 

Pictory AI Key Features

Pictory Ai focuses on 4 main features, which are highlighted on the website: 

  • Ai script to video
  • Ai blog post to video or article to video
  • Easy Ai video editing using text
  • Visuals to video

We will cover these features in a moment. First, we will consider some of the most stand-out features of this impressive tool: 

  • Over 3 million video clips available in the Pictory Ai stock library
  • Available in over 20 languages
  • A range of over 30 different Ai voiceover styles
  • Customizable video dimensions to suit any platforms
  • Royalty-free music is available
  • Short form highlights
  • Brand-focus customization
  • Automatically remove filler words and silence from videos
  • Ai auto caption video tool
  • Automatically summarize long videos
  • Masterclasses are available for beginners and all users directly on the website
  • Generous free trial for new users
  • SEO-boosting video captions

Use Cases for Pictory Tools

It goes without saying, Pictory Ai can serve a wide range of use cases. However, Pictory Ai was designed with content creators in mind, rather than entrepreneurs or SMBs like other video generator Ai tools

Therefore, Pictory Ai features as a much loved SaaS tool for:

  • Marketing — Allowing users to create stunning and professional-looking branded videos for marketing campaigns. This can be equally useful for single users or for marketing agencies enhancing their services. 
  • Social Media — Enabling video creators on YouTube and other channels to build engagement through copyright-free video content. Bloggers can also use the Ai social videos function to promote their blog articles on video platforms. 
  • Education — Empowering course creators to design lively course content by translating existing written content or video content into digestible formats through the Ai text-to-video feature and short-form highlight videos. 

As a rule of thumb, Pictory Ai-powered videos serve both individual and business needs: 

  • Creation of quick and faceless videos for rapid promotion of existing content, such as with Ai blog posts to video
  • Maximizing SEO results with Ai auto caption video tool
  • Interactive articles and written courses by integrating rapid Ai text to video creation
  • Social media content generation through Ai social videos  
  • Leveraging existing digital content for views and traffic through short-form highlights and Ai blog posts to video features
  • Summarizing long video content into digestible bite-sized content
  • Etc. 

It is important to understand the key purposes of Pictory Ai to ensure you can make the most of the tool for your creative activities. As mentioned earlier, other Ai video generators may be better suited to your needs if you are not a content creator. 

Using the AI Video Generator

If you are going to create a video with Pictory Ai, the process is simple and straightforward. You will need to sign up for either a free trial or a paid account when you start using Pictory Ai. We recommend exploring the free trial first if you are unsure. 

The steps are designed to be easy to follow for users of all technical backgrounds. 

Upon signing up to the free trial, Pictory Ai helps to demystify the Ai video generator potential with a purpose-oriented pop-up. 

Even if users accidentally close the pop-up, they land on the main content generation screen, which guides them into the 4 main categories we’ve seen before. 

As you can notice, the features are the same as those introduced in the original video demo about the tool. 

  1. Users can select one of 4 types of video content when they start using the Ai video generator:
    1. Ai script to video
    2. Article to video or Ai blog post to video
    3. Ai video editing using text
    4. Visuals to video
  1. Each content type also provides an overview of its recommended use cases, which we will explore below. If unsure, tutorials for each use case are included. 
  1. For the purpose of this review, we’ve selected the Article to video function. We’re using a random article out of the Scientific American about The Inner Life of Cats. 
  1. Pictory Ai uses the Ai blog post to video function to extract the key messages in the article. The process can take a few minutes. Then the tool segments the text into meaningful scenes, which you can edit.
    1. Users can remove highlights
    2. Add new highlights
    3. Drag scene to reorder them
  1. The next step is choosing a template and a video format for your video. Regular users can also create their own templates. 
  1. Then Pictory Ai creates scenes. Once this is done, you can edit your video through the editing tool. At this level, users can make changes, and adjust the following:
    1. The story content and order
    2. The visuals
    3. Add graphic elements
    4. Add audio through the Ai generated voiceover (the option is only available for English content)
    5. Amend the style of the video
    6. Add branding visuals
    7. Amend the format
  1. When finished, you can download the video. The video will be ready for posting to any digital platforms, including blogs and YouTube. 

Exploring Pictory Use Cases

The Ai video generator lists different use cases on the website, among which: 

AI Script to Video

The script to video features is designed with marketers and content creators, such as Youtubers and course creators. 

Pictory Ai recommends this use case for:

  • Educational videos
  • Listicle videos
  • Coaching videos
  • Step-by-step guides

The full process can save users a ton of time, as the video creation process takes only a few minutes. Being a cloud-based solution, there’s no need to worry about your device’s capabilities. 

The Ai tool does all the hard work, analyzing and assessing the text to convert it into a video. Users can also enhance their videos with an Ai voiceover option. Alternatively, they can record their own narration and upload it.  

AI Blog Post to Video

This use case is best suited for:

  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • HTML articles

As seen in the example above, the article-to-video function is ideal for bloggers or small marketing teams that need to enhance engagement and visibility for their content. The Ai video generator needed less than a minute to go through the article we used as part of the review and highlight the key passages to turn into scenes. 

The process is simple and there are plenty of informative materials available for those who need more guidance. 

AI Video Editing using Text

The edit video feature using text is recommended for:

  • Adding subtitles automatically
  • Cutting portions of video
  • Creating video highlights
  • Adding branding and storytelling elements

Typically, you would need this function to edit existing video content, such as filmed podcasts, conference call recordings, and webinars. Results are professionals, enabling users to enhance the quality of the recording by removing silences and adding captions. This is an ideal tool for education purposes and social media creators. 

Visuals to Video

You can select this feature if you need to create short videos with your existing video clips or images. 

The process of creating short videos increases shareability, as users can create highlight reels. This is designed for trailers or short teaser clips on social media. 

This feature has a lot of advantages for all users, whether marketing professionals, influencers, or education experts: 

  • Sharing multiple highlights for the same video
  • Increasing engagement among your follower base
  • Improving education program attendance, such as webinar attendance, or conversions for service booking, for example
  • Driving high sales for marketing campaigns and strategies
  • High shareability on social media as this short format is best suited for social media feeds such as YouTube shorts, Tiktok, or Instagram

Unlocking The Secrets of Pictory

While Pictory Ai emphasizes the key 4 features mentioned above, there are also added functions hidden within the existing features. 

Ai Auto Caption Video Tool

The auto caption feature is highly valuable for both social media creators and marketers. Captions dramatically increase your reach for multiple reasons:

  • They are indexed by Google for YouTube videos, which makes content easier to find in search engines and drives SEO rankings.
  • They make videos more accessible to individuals with hearing impairments, malfunctioning or non-existent audio equipment, and those who struggle to understand spoken instructions (non-native speakers, ADHD individuals, etc.). 
  • They add clarity to the video. 
  • They naturally increase reach as social media users prefer videos with captions (whether they need captions or not).

Captions are included for all projects. But they can be removed. 

Summarizing Long Videos

This feature is part of the Visuals to Video function and can dramatically improve not only the content creation process but also content consumption. 

How does it work? Video highlights can help summarize long video content: 

  • Grabbing viewers’ attention by highlighting key points,
  • Boosting engagement,
  • Adding further purpose to existing content by repurposing it,
  • Reaching more viewers who would prefer to watch short video summaries rather than one long video,
  • Maximizing understanding of long content, especially for recorded Zoom calls and webinars.

Pictory AI Video Avatars

Pictopry does provide some level of Ai video avatars functions. However, it is important to note that the avatars are available as part of the audio editing functions. 

The Ai avatars accessible to Pictory Ai users are designed solely for voiceover purposes. They feature as part of the Ai script to video function, which is directly available for both text-to-video and article-to-video creation. 

Pictory Ai can create engaging videos with Ai-generated voiceovers. Users can choose from over 30 different English voices:

  • 19 US English voices
  • 8 UK English voices
  • 7 Australian English voices
  • 6 Indian English voices
  • 1 New Zealand English voice
  • 1 South African English voice

Currently, Pictory Ai only supports English-speaking voiceovers. Ai video avatars are faceless with this tool.

Pricing Options for Pictory Premium

Users will find 3 different pricing models, aside from the free trial. 

  • A standard model at $19/month, targeted at creators who are only using videos sporadically. This model includes 30 videos per month, up to 10 hours of video transcript each month, editing for existing videos of up to 1 hour, Ai text to video projects of up to 10 minutes, 3 branded templates, 5,000 royalty-free music tracks, and 34 Ai voices. 
  • A premium model at $39/month, for professional creators and marketing teams. This model includes 60 videos per month, up to 20 hours of transcript, editing for videos of up to 3 hours, Ai text-to-video projects of up to 20 minutes, 10 branded templates, 10,000 music tracks, and 60 Ai avatar voices. Additionally, it also includes automatic voice over sync, automatic video highlights, bulk download features, and Hootsuite integration. 
  • A team model at $99/month, designed for teams of video creators. This includes all Premium features and more to enhance collaboration. 

What Are Some Limitations of Pictory?

Pictory is a great Ai video generator that serves a specific purpose. Aimed at content creators, and designed to facilitate content leveraging and sharing, it is fair to say that this tool is not suited for full promotional or PR videos. So, if you do not have existing content that you wish to turn into videos, Pictory Ai is not the right solution for you. 

There are other tools with more realistic and more in-depth Ai video avatars for voiceover. Additionally, some tools have human-looking avatars, so videos are not faceless. 

It would be helpful for content creators if Pictory Ai enabled ChatGPT integration to generate better video scripts.  

All things considered, Pictory Ai is an excellent Ai video generator that delivers precisely what it promises. It is both easy to use and fast at churning out high-quality videos. 

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the tool has been constantly improving since day one. Nevertheless, Pictory Ai has a clear target audience, content creators who already have existing content they wish to convert or amend. This is not the tool for you to create videos from scratch.



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